Here are some testimonials from people who have taken one of my courses:


“I recently took the short course entitled: “Developing and Evaluating Site-Specific Water Quality Benchmarks for the Protection of Aquatic Life” with Mr. Uwe Schneider (at the 2014 Aquatic Toxicity Workshop in Ottawa). I found all aspects of the course extremely informative, practical, and thought-provoking. The course material was comprehensive, and the evaluation of a recent and relevant ("real-world") case study, coupled with Mr. Schneider's extensive and relevant experience, made the course very useful and worthwhile. The relative level of audience participation encouraged by Mr. Schneider during the course was an key aspect of the learning. I would highly recommend taking a course with Mr. Schneider; he is an able and entertaining educator. - Guy Gilron, MSc, RPBio, Senior Environmental Scientist."


Take it,  I learned a lot.  Wish I had taken it earlier.                                                                                                              Great material, by the way!


I found your course to be informative and interesting.   - L. Landers, Environment Canada


The course was a useful introduction to critically reviewing site-specific benchmark derivation. I also appreciated the discussions with other experts in the field to bring in more context.  -  N. Benoit, Surface Water Specialist, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

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