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Short Bio:

I worked for 19 years at Environment Canada as a Specialist, and later as Senior Advisor on Environmental Quality Guidelines in the National Guidelines and Standards Office.  In this capacity, malady I contributed to the development of Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines (CEQGs), online mostly for water and tissue residues; for organics and inorganics [including many metals]).  I co-led the team that developed the 1999 Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines Compendium (the “CEQG binder” – a compilation of all the published EQGs in Canada); and chaired the national team that developed the 2007 CWQG-PAL Protocol  – the nationally approved derivation procedure for the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life.  Since my departure from Environment Canada, I work as an educator and course conductor on water quality issues and water quality benchmarks (nationally and internationally).